we are a community of open doors and growing faith

Our mission is to create a welcoming and safe place to worship God, and to honor and explore God's promises, fulfilled in Jesus Christ, where Christ calls us to transforming relationships, and where we embrace gifts of the Spirit and build them into a ministry of love, care, acceptance, diversity, grace and hope within our church, our community and beyond.

We are a congregation of diverse backgrounds, differing faith experiences and a variety of talents. 

We are from all ages and life stages; from preschool, grade school, high school, singles, young families, empty nesters and those retired. 

We love our music, care for the spiritual growth of our youth and share what we have through our missions. 

Our history goes back to colonial New England but our focus is on new faith experiences and today's needs

We are an open and affirming Christian community, actively expressing our belief in diversity and inclusion. We offer to each person acceptance and both the blessings and responsibilities of participation in this congregation.