Join us for online Prayer and worship

While we are once again worshipping together in the church sanctuary, we will continue to offer online worship options for our congregation near and far. 

We gather in worship each Sunday at 10:00am via Zoom Webinar. 

We also livestream our worship services on our Facebook page, and recordings are broadcast on Westborough TV Monday evenings at 6:00pm. Channel 24 (Verizon), Channel 2124 (Verizon Hi-Definition) and Channel 191 (Spectrum), or, for more information, please visit Westborough TV – Your Window to Westborough

Please share the link with those who may be interested but have not gotten this information directly. Please do not publish it on Facebook, Twitter, or on a website - this will keep our online worship space safe for all.

Here's what to do: 
1. Access Zoom: While you can access the Zoom webinar using a regular computer browser (at the link provided by the weekly church email), we recommend that you download the FREE Zoom app for either Android or iPhone, which you can find here: 

To join one of the online gatherings, log in to Zoom. In the top right there will be a box that says "join a meeting"  Click on that and it will ask you for a meeting ID number. Use the number that is sent out in the eNews on Fridays. After you enter the meeting number you may also have to enter the password that's in the eNews as well. 

2. Subscribe to Announcements: In order to keep our worship and prayer services confidential and safe, we will not be publishing the links on the website or Facebook. The links for Sunday worship, Men's breakfast, Women's Fellowship and other gatherings will all be emailed via our Evangel email lists. If you have not subscribed to these, please contact the church office.

3. Consider your privacy: Each week we are attempting to simultaneously broadcast live on Facebook (when it cooperates!) as well as on Zoom. Facebook is a social media platform designed for openness, not privacy. If you have any privacy preferences or concerns, consider what name you provide on login and keep your cameras off while we are broadcasting live. We will announce when those broadcasts have started and ended.

4. Observe respectful online etiquette: Mics and cameras will be enabled until 9:55am and again after the conclusion of the worship service. We ask that you mute your mics and turn off your cameras during the worship service itself. Our co-hosts will mute/disable mics and cameras remotely if you are having trouble. This will NOT impact your ability to view the worship service. 

5. Lastly, please leave the worship webinar entirely at the conclusion of virtual coffee hour. There should be a "Leave Webinar" link in the lower right-hand corner of your Zoom window.